Team, Gründer


How it all began


In short, because we are fed up with the fairy tales of the ball manufacturers and think that €5 or more per ball is too expensive...


Long longer the longest. It doesn't matter whether it's a club or a ball. Actually, we should all be hitting 400m bombs...

As Hcp 0 and 10 players we can no longer hear these stories... For us the game means how many and not how long... ;)


It's just as shocking to see that many golfers play with the wrong ball because they fall for the premium manufacturers' marketing that the expensive ball is the best, or that length is the only criteria. (By the way... even "distance balls" are only slightly longer, but otherwise only offer disadvantages..) 


This often means that the most important part of the game of golf, the shots into and around the green, are not considered when choosing a ball!


This also includes regular ball tests using robots. 

Here, unfortunately, tests are carried out with a robot that ignores reality, which can show measurable deviations, but these have little to do with the real game of an amateur golfer, who rarely hits 2 balls in a row the same way...


There are also a number of confusing terms such as: 


Tour, TourX, Soft, Distance, Long, Titanium, Roll, XS, ABC, XYZ, ...


IKARUS GOLF puts an end to that.

We offer you exactly 3 ball models which are optimized for 3 different swing speeds or playing strengths at an excellent price.

Performance does not have to be expensive!