Lake balls / refurbished / golf ball storage

Lakebälle / Refurbished / Golfballlagerung

The ideal storage of golf balls is in contrast to earlier times of "Balata" and Co. no longer really a problem.
Usually the core of multi-layer golf balls becomes somewhat harder with time, which ultimately increases the compression.
On the golf game, however, this has no significant impact.
Also a slight "cut" does not significantly affect the playing characteristics of the ball.

The situation is different for balls that have been in the water for a long time or so-called "refurbished" balls. We all know them as cheap "lake balls". There are various studies that say that balls that lie in the water for a long time can lose up to 20 meters and driving distcance.
Equally critical we see the refurbished (usually the coating is removed and renewed) balls.
You never know, so to speak, what is underneath.

Today there are very cheap new balls, (eg our IKARUS FLY) which can easily take up with the "premium" lake balls.